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DAY 10, JUNE 8, 1993147.JPG (13665 bytes)

(CHRIS) On the morning of the 8th we had our last Zub meal and said tearful goodbyes. Mrs. Z was especially sad to see us go; she said it was good to hear our innocent laughter in her house. 90 West continued to be "inerstin." There were now mountains and it was even more desolate. We stopped in one dinky town to get Jon cold medicine, but they didn't know what a cold was. It is weird to be sick in 100 degree weather. But149.JPG (16212 bytes) the medicine was found 20 miles later in Sanderson, TX. We also got ice and Coleman fuel there. We got gas in Marathon at a very high price, then headed into strange, beautiful, mysterious, hot, emotional, hot, deserted, big (bigger than Rhode Island), hot, big, and hot Big Bend National Park.

(MATT) After setting up camp and a short rest, Jon and I hiked up a trail to a small butte and gazed upon the strange, mysterious formations within Big Bend (further referred to as BB). Shortly after reaching a resting place, the heat began to alert us of its presence. So we walked down to the Rio Grande and waded up river for quite some time. It was dirty and brown (but cooler than air).. After swimming and frolicking for sometime we made our way back to camp only to see Sam and Chris unmoved, resting.

148.JPG (17883 bytes)Then all four of us made our way (drove) to Boquillas Canyon. The beauty was amazing and breathtaking. The walls of the canyon were tall and sheer and the Rio Grande running down the middle. I think it was the most beautiful non-human thing I have ever seen. Next Jon and I walked and climbed up to some caves on the side while Sam and Chris crossed the Rio Grande into Mexico. They had a fun and exciting swim as we threw rocks at them.

130.JPG (19107 bytes)After it had gotten dark, we, being the wise and brave woodsmen that we are, decided that since darkness was upon us (natural in Texas at night) and since we were somewhere in a park larger than Rhode Island, we should start looking for the trail that lead in the direction of our van. Fortunately, we were prepared. We had brought water (which Sam poured out after getting some Rio Grande fecal water in it) and a flashlight (which I broke) and we had a trail which we only lost temporarily. We eventually made it back (after we prayed), Yea for God!! On the way back we saw some Javelina (funny looking pigs).