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DAY 14, JUNE 12, 1993

(CHRIS) In the morning, the boys went with the Hawley's to Mass and I took the van to Jiffy Lube. When I returned to the house, the others were not home yet, but I thought Rose was. I knocked, no one answered, so I tried the door - unlocked. So I started in. Before I proceed, let me tell you a piece of valuable knowledge that we learned last night in our chat with Mr. H - He owns a burglar alarm company! The siren was loud to say the least. So I walked to the van and waited for the police. After about 7 minutes, the blaring alarm stopped. Another ten minutes and no police or anybody. So I went to a pay phone to do what I was going to do at the Hawley's - call home and Liz. When I returned, no one was there, but they had been and left me an open door. So I took a shower and soon they returned from breakfast. Mr. H had gotten beeped at Mass (at the Consecration, no less) but he knew it was probably me. We chatted about the world's problems with the Hawley's and did laundry and left at about 2 pm. Now we're on the road to Colorado, probably Pueblo. New Mexico was nifty.

(MATT) Hello log, It's Matt. Our journey into the heart of Colorado has been great so far. The mountains are very beautiful and impressive. Our first stop was in Colorado Springs. (After several hours of trying to find a decent campground and only finding way-populated RV parks... unword). Finally Jon and I asked some locals where to go for some real camping. They directed us to a local spot which they thought allowed camping. After some driving through places we had no real conception of our location, we found a campground... which was full. It was very dark by this time and it was then that Jon announced that he had once again promised to call H.Fed that night. (It was 9:30 pm by our time and 11:30 by VA time). There was a subdued but heated debate about the wisdom or expediency of this seeming rash act. The argument that since we didn't know where we were, let alone where a phone was located was raised. Only to be countered by Jon's suggestion that we drive back out of the place we had found down to town and spend the night in the van. Well, to make a long story short, Jon convinced us to get out of a perfectly good van and depart into the unknown wild. Promising that he would find his way back. Then after assuring us he would return, he asked if one of us would accompany him to serve as a guide and wait in the car as he called. Chris and I said no way - but Sam, true to the end, agreed to go. What a guy. (He ended up waiting in the car for 45 minutes!) They eventually found their way back... P.S. Jon promised never to let that happen again. Witness, M.C.