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(MATT) We arose early and found our way to our respective Masses, regrouped, made our way to a local park (with some difficulty) and made pancakes and eggs. Very good. Next, a short nap and on our way to Canon City (pronounced canyon). We went to Walmart and bought some Sam's cola... very cheap and good. Since we thought it was Father's Day, we called home. (I called Christy! and talked with Youngblood... who did get our Hooters card and was curious if Jon really didn't know what "they" were!)133.JPG (26725 bytes)

Then we drove to the canyon (Royal Gorge) ... HUGE, DEEP... quite impressive. We took some pictures and I was coerced into jumping off a small shelf to make it look like I jumped into the canyon. Well, it was about 6 feet down onto rock and I hurt my foot, but not too badly. We also saw "award winning Indian dancing for ya." Then we went and found a cool campsite in Garfield, CO... free too. We built a big fire and cooked hamburgers, Mmm good. We ate potatoes too... so we don't get scurvy, said rosary around the fire and went to bed.