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DAY 16, JUNE 14, 1993159.JPG (15021 bytes)

(MATT) 'The next day we scrounged some more wood and went looking for a mountain to climb. We ended up going back to camp and packing up and moving to a new campsite. (P.S., that morning Jon and I helped some older folks get their RV going and talked to the wife, Mary, about religion and world spirit while Sam kindly played songs on the horn to deter our evangelization and to hurry us up.) We are now somewhere near "Blue Mesa dam" (Blue Mesa Lake, outside of Gunnison), by13.JPG (30113 bytes) Soap Creek. The scenery is beautiful and the guys climbed up on top of a small mountain and shouted until they got my attention. I filmed them on top and their voyage down. Jon and Chris crossed the creek and got fairly wet, while poor, faithful, dependable Sam walked Chris' camera around the bridge several hundred miles away. Truth: he didn't want to get his shoes wet.

(CHRIS) So all have agreed that this is our best campsite yet. We got a rushing stream, shady pines, clean bathrooms, and beautiful scenery and weather. There is no running water (besides the muddy Soap Creek), so we got 10 or 12 gallons 2 miles away - enough to take outdoor showers, drink, cook, etc. After our hike up the rocky cliff, mountain thing, 161.JPG (21506 bytes)we had chili and rice - very good. Then we played cards - hearts - for awhile. Then we stoked up the fire, had hot chocolate, said rosary, filmed a movie scene, and hung out at the fire. It was really nice. Matt and I went out a bit from the campsite and watched the stars. They were awesome, though I only saw one shooting star. I fell asleep, but when I awoke, Matt was gone and the stars were brighter than ever - I could even see the Milky Way. All slept very comfortably, dreaming of "the eagle dance, for ya," and, of course, of our respective51.JPG (26466 bytes) significant others (and Amy in Knoxville - yeah, right!).