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DAY 19, JUNE 17, 1993 173.JPG (15183 bytes)

(CHRIS) The 17th, we got up at various times. Jon rose at an absurd 6:30am to go to Mass, but found out there was none. He and Matt hit the hot tubs one last time. Sam and I vegetated in front of the TV til check out. We headed out at precisely 11am check out time. We drove south on 550, a winding road with the usual awesome Rockies' scenery. We went through Silverton pretty fast, but stopped in Durango for lunch. Dad had offered breakfast too, but we got up too late, so we had sandwiches at Denny's. Our next stop, as we passed out of the Rockies, was Mesa Verde National Park. Our Golden Eagle Pass got us in free. 58.JPG (25968 bytes)We drove the scenic road to the back of the park, 20 miles and saw the 800 year old Indian dwellings on the cliffside, They were quite impressive.

(,JON) By the time we left Mesa Verde, it was getting late and we still had a 5 hour drive to the Grand Canyon. We decided to go to Ship Rock. Something was drawing us towards it. Maybe it's because we were on a road called 666. We drove towards the rock, but we never seemed to get closer. Finally 2 weeks59.JPG (24387 bytes) later, we arrived. "Wow! Who put this thing here?" Matt said. We climbed up to it. Chris couldn't because of his knee. We carved (Matt and I) our initials in the rock, along with out significant others' initials. Then we proceeded down. To our surprise, Chris the drunkard already had the beer ready. So we sat and had a beer. I didn't first of all because there were only 3 beers and secondly because I was driving. I forgot to add that we had to take a dirt road about 20 minutes through a field to get to the tremendous site. As we were leaving the rock, our two adventurers, Chris and Matt, decided that they wanted to take some short cut. Sam and I agreed. After about 5 minutes of driving, we realized that our two adventurers were too drunk to make any decisions. So I turned back. We finally made it back to a gas station where Sam called Melissa because she was leaving for Rome the next day. Matt called his parents, and I called Halayna. Chris sat updating the journal. Update: Matt almost killed us passing a car. But we made it so we're proud of him.

174.JPG (14671 bytes)Our next stop was 4 corners. We arrived at the national monument at about 9:30prn. We crossed the obstacle course consisting of a cow grate and a gate very well. When we got to the booth to pay the dollar entrance fee, they decided not to charge us because it was dark. It only costs a dollar to see it in the day light. We brought our flashlights. We were doing fine until Matt mentioned that some Navajo Indian64.JPG (17226 bytes) might shoot us with an arrow or we might get that Navajo disease. When we got to the monument, we took pictures and filmed a scene of the movie. We also got our mascot tumbleweeds here and affixed them to the front of the car. We got back to the car and then headed for the Grand Canyon. When we arrived at the Canyon, all the campsites were full. It was already 1:30am so we slept in the van, not bothering to pay attention to the sign that said it was illegal.      


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