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DAY 2, MAY 31, 1993t1pix78.jpg (12241 bytes)

(CHRIS) Played foosball in the morning, went out on the boat after lunch at Perkin's (Host's treat - YES!) We saw the lake and cove where they have their house, boat house, etc. It was a relaxing party boat. We filmed a scene of the movie and Jon went swimming. It was good to see Mark and his parents again. All seem to be doing well. But the highlight of our visit was our late dinner last night that Matt described.t1pix105.jpg (15683 bytes)

4:45 pm: We're on the road to Smoky Mountains. Jon's driving again. He seems to enjoy it. Matt wants me to write about today's filming, but it was no biggie. We filmed the scene where they find out about the scavenger hunt from Mark on the boat. It went well. Tonight we camp and discuss tomorrow's itinerary, because this stop was not on our trip-tik. Next major stop is New Orleans.

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Knoxville and the Hannye's blew away Natural Bridge by a longshot. TUMBLEWEEDS roll on - Trip awesome so far. Sam will dream of Amy tonight.


(CHRIS) 6/1, 7:50 am: We arise after camping in the great Smoky mountains. Yeah - real great - FOR RAIN. We settled in campground C28 in a quiet neighborhood for 11 bucks. We are in Cades Cove in the NW part of the park. We had a nice chili dinner and all shared in the dishwashing duties. Then we walked along the creek here and said rosary as it started to drizzle. After changing into mucking clothes, we waded in the creek. Then it came - pouring rain, and we all ran back to camp (me with my knee brace, of course). But the tent held up pretty well with just a few small leaks. We played poker and told Hooter jokes til 10:30.