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DAY 21, JUNE 19, 1993

(JON) We got up in the morning and had Lucky Charms cereal, cleaned up camp, and now we're off to Lake Mead and Las Vegas.

(MATT) Hello again on our way across Arizona (which was as hot as hell in a manner of speaking). We stopped at Hoover Dam. 179.JPG (16101 bytes)DAM it was hot there. So after a good look, we took off for Lake Mead to swim. We stopped at Boulder Beach and quickly learned the reason for the name. We swam, three each other into the air (using the secret cross arm hold with which Chris and I could even be flung high into the air) and played many games of 500 with the frisbee. I never actually won and Chris had trouble throwing into the wind... that was his excuse. I personally think after 3 weeks on the road, these Hispanic beach babes were distracting him. We feasted upon an obscene combination of food buried in -"Tony's" so it tasted good. Then after a quick swim and Sam losing his rosary, we went to Vegas.

Rough town on the outside and pink in the middle, kinda reminded me of a good steak. Well hello sin city from the Tumbleweeds. I was mesmerized almost immediately by the roulette table while the guys went off to play slots (as Sam watched). Well, I lost $10 fairly quickly ($l per play) and quit for awhile. Chris won and then lost, then lost his winnings, then lost his supply--then his shirt, followed by his... just kidding. Jon lost and lost then won then lost. Sam watched. We watched the circus, then walked to "Stardust" and watched then got some free popcorn, then ate at the $4.99 buffet (all you can eat; we ate our money's worth but couldn't do much better.) Then Sam played a little, caught the fever, and blew a few bucks,. Jon and I tried to win our money back at the roulette table by putting $10 on 2 to 1 odds. Not bad odds but we lost again. We left slowly, depositing all of our spare pocket change as we left- I drove the first 3 hours to LA while talking to Chris, then we awoke the sleeping babes and made them drive the last hour (3am to 4am).