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DAY 22, JUNE 20, 199373.JPG (23767 bytes)

(MATT) We slept in a truck stop in LA and went to our respective Masses that morning (Sunday naturally). Then we went to Jean's (pronounced Zzon) house in Azusa Los Angeles. Well after some nerve settling and getting to know each other, he took us all over in his small, cool convertible Mustang ('68). Very Nice. First to Venice Beach--my kinda place. Well sort of. We stuck out like sore thumbs, but it was wild and very, well, strange. The street performers were very good. Sam liked the robot man and I liked the acrobats. Some of the blacks seemed very angry. Some of them thought that they were one of the 12 tribes (the 7th) and that other minorities made up the other 11. The whites are holding you down! Others were black Muslims. But the White dudes were a little confused too. A couple of "meat is murder" dudes were there. And the Pro-Hemp (pot) people (all white). "Yea, legalize Hemp for medicine, food, plastic, industry, cooking" and Dain Brammage. Then we saw the legendary muscle beach and some HUGE dudes. Then we looked in some shops and left.72.JPG (18705 bytes)

Next we went to UCLA, then Beverly Hills, and drove down Sunset Memory Blvd. and stopped at the Chinese Theatre and saw the hand and foot prints of the stars. Then we walked down the street of stars and saw some more strange folks, well not really folk. I think you'd call them existing beings, existing on what or for what reason, you figure out. Then we drove to a look out and saw what we had seen and it was good and the people rejoiced. Yea. We saw the Hollywood sign and learned how it had gotten there. It was a real estate push for Hollywoodland but the land came off in a land slide. L.A. Fun Fact: The reason kids don't rearrange the Hollywood sign is that each sign is 48 feet tall.74.JPG (26111 bytes)

Then we went to "In and Out Burger" and feasted upon burgers naturally. And it was good. Then back to Jean's and watched Impulse for awhile then Chris, Sam, and I looked for Blockbuster, got lost, found it, rented Running Min, got lost, then found Jean's house-. Quite a trip., After the video we camped out in his backyard--in L.A. we camped. Call us crazy. We do crazy things.