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DAY 3, JUNE 1, 1993

(SAM) Day 3. Food is low. We are chewing on the seat belts for nourishment. Personal log-- my anxiety about the future, life, the Universe, and everything has quickly faded. So far the "great trip" has been Hell, but extremely fun. Yes eating beans and sleeping in wet tents can be fun for the entire family, but June where's the baby! Matt gave Amy the eskimo and the butterfly. Well, New Orleans here we come for carbon copy hospitality. P.S. Camping is not fun.

(CHRIS) 6/1, 1:39 Central time. Goodbye Tennessee and Georgia (which we cut through for 20 minutes.) We got a long stretch of Alabama and Mississippi to drive through today. Tonight's lodging's are uncertain. Maybe Miller's, Maybe Gelis, Maybe camp. Matt is driving. Sam and ii:)n are sleeping. I bought some Sudafed in Chattanooga which has considerably cleared up my blocked nose. The decision to buy the medicine was made last night seconds after blowing my nose on aluminum foil. We are now in Central time zone - quite weird - I've noticed that its has made the boys drowsy and even a bit green in skin color. (of course that could be from chewing on seat belts - or Christie's cookies - or both or perhaps in was Matt's chili or the weird dried fruit.) Actually all seem to be well, though I know Sam misses Amy. Halyna withdrawal symptoms are setting in for Jon; he may not make it; perhaps if we hook up an I.V. to her photo album and cookies - Hmmm. Well I better talk to Matt- don't want him to fall asleep at the wheel - Alabama is pretty boring after all.

(JON) We've made it to the Miller's - Wow what a dinner!! 103.JPG (23979 bytes)We had real Louisiana Cajun food. Crawdads. Something like mini lobster. 7ne house is real nice. Vie traveled around the whole area before we got in the house. The Swamp Island (Sam calls in Honey Stump) exit was a real surprise. Yep, noting but swamp. There are Hicks all over the place; but no alligators. Maybe we'll see alligators tomorrow. The guys are asleep. Matt is dreaming about Christy, Chris s dreaming about Yvette and Jeanette's younger sisters and Sam's dreaming about Amy. Sam cracked an owl joke at the dinner table. The Miller's knew something was up. Better hide the Hooter menu. Rosary was even hard to get through tonight. This Amy thing really can cause problems. I don't know; I'm still lost in all the Hooting and Hollering. This Amy thing has got to be controlled. Pun not intended. Good night to all. See ya at 6:00 AM.


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