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DAY 5, JUNE 3, 1993 44.JPG (45546 bytes)

(CHRIS) 6/3, 1:50 pm - This morning we went plantation hopping on the Mississippi between New Orleans and Baton Rouge and now we're on the road to Texas. We bonded with the Millers last night. Today, we ate breakfast at 7:30.. Another hearty Miller meal with eggs (spicy), blueberry muffins, and a delicious potato mix with bacon, cheese. etc. Then after a walk to their son's grave on their property, we headed out.43.JPG (41117 bytes)

We saw 3 or 4 plantations. Only one was really weak, Lafitte Landing. We all booed it and refused to get out of the car or come any closer to its uninspiring view (with an ugly factory in the background). The best one was Nottoway. They didn't even try to sell us a tour and we walked around the grounds unmolested without paying. First, we all dunked our heads in their pool, then we filmed a quick movie scene, Then we chilled in the back yard under a huge oak tree. It was great. TEXAS here we come!

We drove to Gavelston, TX - well, most of the way. Because a ferry (free) took us across the bay from the north. 116.JPG (21338 bytes)

(JON) We're in Galveston now. We played with Matt in the waves. There were tons of fish swimming all around us. They would swim into our legs and then we'd freak out and start running. A crawfish found its way in between Matt's toes, until... Matt kicked him out. We tried to play volleyball, but the nets were taken down at 6:00 and we were too late. Wish our girls could be with us. Vie all miss them! So we write them often. Today we mailed out 8 postcards and 2 letters. We are pondering using a form letter. I don't think so. The weather was awesome. We're going back to the beach to play volleyball and swim. Now we are off to find a camping spot and eat dinner. We're having dogs and beans. Well until tonight, asta lavesta baby!

(CHRIS) The ocean was fun. Then after buying dogs, we went to the state park here but it stunk, was full, and was $13. We went down the road to a private place which said it was $15, but it was totally abandoned. So we camped just over the dune from the Gulf, placing the van to block the wind. We had a great meal of dogs and beans, said rosary at the ocean, after dark, then pitched the tent. It was too windy for the big one (mine), so we used the 2 two-man tents. We walked on the beach, looked at crabs (Matt and Jon killed one) and goofed around. Then we chatted under the big, bright Texas night sky at the camp. Then we had about 7.5 hours sleep.