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(JON) San Antonio was hot today!! We spent most of our time getting lost. The maps really, really, really, really, stink. We finally got to the Alamo. We walked all around, then we watched a 15 minute film. Chris said it wasn't as good or accurate as the earlier film we saw in New Orleans. The Alamo was cool. We all enjoyed it. The thing that bothered us most was the state owned church at the Alamo. Next after the Alamo we walked to the San Antonio Cathedral where we witnessed a wedding. Vicki Carr was getting married. She is supposedly well known Las Vegas singer. Her dress cost 31,000 dollars. 10.JPG (33865 bytes)Ouch! Matt says: always marry a girl whose paying 31,000 for her dress. She must be loaded. Sam, on the other hand, fears that she may spring it on the husband that she took out a loan for it for 30 years. Me, I say that any girl who buys a 31,000 dollar dress is going to want more dresses like that and let me tell you any girl who is that expensive to maintain can find another owner. Texas is paradise for men and dogs, but hell for women and oxen. The contract was for 6 weeks. None of this 10 week stuff.

11.JPG (33956 bytes)(CHRIS) San Antonio was pretty cool. The Alamo wasn't as great as I hoped. I didn't know it was in the middle of downtown. All the pictures you see show it in the middle of a wide open area. I guess it was like that in 1836, but the city grew up around it. it was still an 0K place. The river front was neat. Matt and I did our traditional head dunks in the fountain pools. After a long, confusing drive, we found the missions. They were quite awesome. Jon was continually amazed by the architecture. We went to 2 of the 4: Conception and San Juan. 135.JPG (31087 bytes)Both were very interesting and all the exhibits were fair to the Church. Then we hit the road -90- to Del Rio. Three hours plus to the Zube's in Comstock passing towns like Hondo ("This is God's country, so don't drive through like Hell") and Knippa ("Go ahead and blink, it's bigger that you think.") The Zuberbueler's have a really nice house in a town of 300. BUT THE HISTORY! THE LAND! 45,000 acres is theirs! We will go out to their ranch. Their land covers the Pecos right to the border; has ancient Indian caves and artifacts, panthers, killer snakes and lots of sheep. It's incredible. We cooked up some hot dogs when we got here and chatted with Patrick til 1 am.

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