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DAY 1, MAY 30, 1993

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(JON) We're on our way! Christy said Matt could only look at the babes on the beach for 2 seconds. Wish we could bring the girls! - next year.

(MATT) Jon and I have a few mixed emotions. Man, I'm going to miss Youngblood - we said goodbye to him and to the girls. It was quite touching. I'm trying to get in touch with mine. We're playing with our dried fruit! Quite amusing! I guess we're easily entertained.

(SAM) Hi. Luckily the food is lasting. Day 1.

(JON) Art schools are bad these days.

(MATT) Naked is not beautiful.

(JON) Naked is beautiful in the right place. Our water test out the window worked.

(MATT) First stop: Natural Bridge. Sam: If any of you guys end up revealing you're a flamer, I'm going to kill you.

(JON) Cookie count. Christy: 4h doz. each. Katie: 6 doz. total. Halyna: 3 doz. for me alone! what a girl!

(MATT) Natural Bridge - Admission $7.00 a piece - so we didn't go. What a joke! Natural Bridge was a crock and the "arbor vitae" was dead. Tumbleweeds rename it the "arbor mortis." $7 admission a piece - barbed wire preventing sneaking in." 2nd stop - 52531 - Christiansburg - 81 South. Texaco - free ice! Cool. Jon wanted to listen to classical music. Yea. Maybe he will culture me yet,

(CHRIS) 6:48 pm. We just crossed into Tennessee - there is much emotion and joy at our first state crossing. Mark is expecting us in Knoxville at 9:30, but we're gonna get there closer to 8:30. Food supplies running low - Sam suffering from cramps. Matt keeps morale high. Flies infect the ice tea. Slim hopes for survival.

(MATT) Past our first domestic road kill. Cat. Grey and White. Not mutilated at all. 7:30 p.m.

(CHRIS) 7:50. Goodbye 81 - We're on route 40 West now. (MATT) 7:53. Torture talk - distressing - Origen's problem discussed in detail. Now I have a headache.

(CHRIS) AT HANNYE'S: I turn the Log over to Matt for a description of HOOTERS. Matt, please be explicit - this is for posterity.

(MATT) Well, we discovered what the legendary "Hooters" were. It turned out that men from all over have found this haven of beer, chicken wings, and Hooters. It was an eye-opening experience to say the least. Sam found out why they are tipped so well, but when asked would only respond that next time someone else gets to sit at the end seat. Well we understand. Who knows if we will ever go back. But it was definitely an interesting experience. The girls were thin and cute, not slutty. (surprisingly). Amy, our waitress, like the other girls was very scantily clad. They had on little white shirts tucked up in front and back to show their midriffs. Their shorts were also very small orange umbro type clothing.

1)Food: rates excellent - almost too greasy.

2)Beer: excellent.

3)Fries: superb

4)Amy: very cute, but a tease of course.

Something strange happened there. I'll tell you about it.

In a facility like Hooters one wouldn't expect the waitresses to cover themselves when arriving to the table. But Amy did. 0dd. I noticed that each time she came to our table she put her left hand on the portion of her chest that the low-cut shirt didn't cover. Virtually blocking our view - Thank, God. Otherwise - who knows maybe we'd have skipped the trip and got jobs at Hooters.

(CHRIS) The Hannye's treated us very well. Impressive house with no grass in the yard, just a huge botanical garden.

We stayed in the furnished basement. Jon and I got the beds, Sam the couch, Matt the floor.