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DAY 23, JUNE 21

(CHRIS) So in the morning of the 21st we got up late, for Jean's backyard was the most comfortable campsite yet. But we still had a few hours to kill before the 1pm mail delivery. (Jon's beloved Halyna's letter was due.) So we drove around Azusa and got some milk. We sat in the shade of a tree at a public school and ate some gross nutritious cereal and tasty, sugary, pop tarts. Then we shopped a bit. Matt bought some funky, baggy jeans with fart holes. So we pooped around a bit and went back to Jean's where Jon got his letter, I gave Jean advice about camcorders, and we said goodbye's.

Driving through L.A. was a bit of a pain, but finally we got to Highway 1 and then to Malibu. We went a bit farther north and parked on a street next to a public beach. Two hairy, ugly guys pulled up behind us and kind of just sat there. While Jon and I meandered naively towards the beach, Matt and Sam kept an eye on the van from the closest part of the beach and let the slimes know they were watching. The 2 slimes put on a show of car trouble, but were weak actors. Finally, they got sick of us watching our car so they broke into the car in front of us, smashing a window. Then they took off.

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181.jpg (16126 bytes)I thought one of us should stay on the beach after this and keep an eye on the van, but Matt wanted us all to swim so I went to pay for the good parking but the dumb lady wouldn't take my traveler's check so I sped off, saw a phone, called Liz, argued with her about drinking, noticed my van being towed, halted that process, returned to my confused and lonely comrades who were combing the beach looking for me.

We drove a bit north, seeing little of the good parts of Highway 1 yet. The campsites were too expensive so we went to a rest area, cooked up Manwich (after buying beef and batteries) and slept comfortably in the Matt-design-for-comfort in the van.