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184.jpg (13218 bytes)DAY 24, JUNE 22

(CHRIS) Day 24: Highway 1 - Matt is disillusioned - food supply low - Jon experiencing weird hair growths - all feel weak.

In the morning, the 22nd, we drove up Highway 1, finally seeing some of its beauty, but Matt became disillusioned. He thought that we were no longer in California because the weather was too cold, the waves too small, the road too curvy, and the beaches too few. The rocky coasts scared him and he began foaming at the mouth and chasing his tail. We applied some Pepto to Matt, saw the Hearst Museum for free (though the house tour cost $14 for 1/3 of the house.) Then we found Sand Dollar Beach up the coast a bit. SAND DOLLAR, where their motto is: the water is cold, but the girls are topless! Jon and I built an neat sandcastle.

It was bigger than Hearst Castle, so we charged $15 to all the tourists. We used the proceeds to clothe the women and save us from almost certain temptation. Some other notable events at the beach: 1)Matt flew his kite, caught it on a cliff, had it rescued. 2)Matt found some neat caves which we explored. 3)We bombed our castle with rocks. 4)Jon found out what all the Hootin' and hollerin' was about. 5)Two beach babes flirted with us for awhile, but they got away despite Matt waving and Sam flexing. 6)We skipped rope with sea weed. 7)Matt found a sand dollar. 8)I found a pair of sunglasses. 9)Matt found out that women are much more interesting with clothes on.wpe2.jpg (9023 bytes)

We cooked bean soup and rice up at the top. They made me eat 3 bowls so I was bloated and had gas later when we all had to sleep in the van. We drove Highway 1, in all its splendor, to Monterey, where we tried to find Sylvester Stallone in a theatre, but he escaped us, so we drove to Santa Cruz and Sam called Lillie. He got us a date for the next night. Then we slept in the van.