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82.jpg (26589 bytes)DAY 26, JUNE 24

(CHRIS) We got up at 8:30. Lillie was already at work, but her sisters were nice to us. We got some O.J. and a shower before taking off. We stopped in at the bank where Lillie worked to say goodbye. It was a sad parting, but we took her "Lillie Reynolds, Financial Consultant" business cards with us as consolation. Now we are on the road to Sequoia Park. We have a ways to go and the temperature out is going to break records. We may see 100 degrees before the end of the week. Ouch!

So, Hi! We got to Stony Creek Campsite in Sequoia at 4pm. We got a really nice sight. All is perfect except the darn mosquitoes. We just ran out of OFF on this morning of the 25th. When we got here yesterday, we set up camp and ate a nice meal of chicken noodle soup, rice, and, of course, beans, beans, beans! I can't take it any more--BEANS everywhere, surrounding me, closing in, farting, taunting... Ahhhh!

Then we drove through Sequoia to Auto Log, Sherman Tree, and Lost Grove, and Moro Rock. LOST GROVE: We climbed onto the tree and through the base of it and Jon peed on a Sequoia.77.jpg (23728 bytes)

SHERMAN: It was huge. We looked at it and had deep thoughts and blocked people's photos. I saw a lady that I saw at Grand Canyon. There was a huge cross section of a tree there about 16 feet high. So we climbed on it and stacked ourselves up. The highlight was when Sam reached the top of the disk and stood on Jon who stood on me. The other tourists were impressed. AUTO LOG: We drove on it and left a secret buried deep within. I tossed the key chain up to Matt from below and the medallion broke off. It was a very old key chain that my mom had for ages. The medal said Kodak Ektalite and had a picture of a copier. Since the leather could no longer hold it, we dropped the medal into the (Future Foleys, Carlsons, Camerons, and Aronhimes, Please TAKE NOTE) 19th hole on the road side of Auto Log and marked its spot with a T for Tumbleweeds. Hey future kids of ours: This is your legacy--find the medallion and you get a piece of ancestral history and a feeling of nostalgia.

We also saw TUNNEL LOG, also a fallen sequoia. It has a tunnel carved in it so we drove through. then we hiked up the 400 steps to the top of Moro80.jpg (25064 bytes) Rock. Nice view, I said, nice view. You climb here? Little kid having a birthday? Be a shame to let anything happen to them. And then we saw them: Tucker and Walker (aka Sly Stallone) climbing up the face of Moro Rock. We interviewed the Cliffhangers when they reached the top. Cool beans. After some phone calls at the gift shop, we began driving back. But a light in the woods hearby drew us in. We were propelled by a desire that was relentless. It was, could it be? YES! Volleyball! Here in Sequoia. There they were, a bunch of people our age playing the beloved game in the woods. We got there for the last game of the championship of the employees here. Then we played the best of the hearty woodsmen. We crushed them both games, Jon using his flare to impress and destroy with blistering spikes. On the way back to camp, we talked about drugs and listened to Abracadabra really loud. Then we had a fire, said rosary, wrote some postcards, and slept. Sam slept in the hammock. His comments:

(SAM) It was swinging!!!

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