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DAY 27, JUNE 25

(CHRIS) Day 27 - food supplies low - Mosquitoes everywhere. The pain! The itch. Jon has malaria. There is not much more we can do but comfort him. A girl in a bathing suit just rode by on a pink bike. All having delusions, illusions, contusions, and confusions.

Slowly we arose on this morning of the 25th. We will hike soon as various campers bid for our cool site. We went to Grant Grove on the way out. Cool trees, especially the Fallen Monarch.

(MATT) OK, we're back after many exciting events which I shall now attempt to convey. We left Sequoia and made our way through the record breaking heat of non-coastal CA. We were forced to stop and buy Slurpee's at one of our gas stops. Sam bought Chris a Slurpee because of a tennis bet. My how refreshing. So we drove to King's Canyon and found a satisfactory camp site. It had many bear warnings so that was a good sign!186.jpg (25365 bytes)

Then we went on a hike! And what a hike. Before we began I was feeling weak. Not a normal feeling for me, let me tell ya. But it was probably because it was in the 100's and we had forgotten to eat the past few meals. So we grubbed on some trail mix and drank lots of water (Christy told me to do that). Then we proceeded to hike to "Mist Falls." It was an 8 mile hike so I, the cripple, was a little apprehensive of whether or not I could complete the hike, but we all made it... We're young and in fairly good shape so we did fine. The hike was beautiful, not too many mosquitoes and a deer (fairly tame) to watch and play with. We liked the canyon and the falls and talked, ate trail mix, and of course threw large rocks down the falls. Chris and Sam went up to the top and had a nap. Then we naturally hiked back and drove to camp. A well-earned rest. Then we ate. Vegi soup for Sam. Clam chowder for us and some macaroni and cheese to top it off.