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DAY 29, JUNE 27

(MATT) We rose early and went to Mass--very good conservative priest! The monsenior insisted we come over for coffee and we happily obliged him. We spent about an hour talking to great priests and eating toast and drinking coffee and juice.

Then we found Chris and went to the Lemmon's (they weren't home) then went to McDonald's for hamburgers. Then back to the Lemmon's. We were a bit nervous (understatement). None of us knew them at all. But the Mrs. was home and we chatted for awhile. Then she showed us her art gallery and made us go swimming. (I treaded H2o for 30 minutes.) Sam, Chris, and I dove, played, and splashed while Jon sunned his bod. Then he wrote you know who! Later Mrs. L took us to a lawyer party where we met Mr. L and got the keys to the cabin and instructions. (P.S- Even the older women in CA are good looking.) We know! Then we drove to the cabin at Lake Tahoe, ate a huge dinner, belched repeatedly, and were happy. There was no TV, so we talked til we fell asleep.