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DAY 30, JUNE 28

(MATT) The next morning, Jon, Sam, and I tried to go to Mass, but had missed it. Then we shopped, went back to the cabin and fixed a huge breakfast.

(CHRIS) The day went by at a very slow, relaxed pace. We took naps, walks, wrote letters, read, and just bummed around. It is so great to get a break from camping and sleeping in the van and driving. All four of us went down to the little private beach for awhile. It was deserted, so we had the whole thing to play frisbee for awhile. Then we found a sheet of plywood washed ashore. So we pushed it along the water while another guy ran up and landed on it and surfed a bit. It was fun and we had some nice wipe-outs even though there were hardly any waves.

We then drove to the public beach, but it was not accessible for people with limited funds. Matt and Jon went to buy steaks after the van bottomed out at the Lemon's driveway. We had a nice steak/mashed potato dinner. Then all but Sam played poker. (He began his 6 week project of writing a letter to his beloved Meli.) I got wiped out fast and the pot in "in-between" beat Matt and Jon. We read and vegetated, then slept. I said my rosary on the beach--a bit cold, but beautiful.