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DAY 31, JUNE 29

(CHRIS) After another pancake breakfast on the 29th, (and after a discussion about whether or not Margie was in the convent and if it was Jon who drove her to it,) ,we cleaned up, packed up, and hit the road. We drove all day, seeing alot of rural northern California. We went through several extremes of temperature. it was about 60 degrees in Tahoe, about 100 degrees later on, but about 50 degrees when we got to Crater Lake at 9pm. It was a long travel day, but we saw alot of cool scenery, sometimes reminding us of Texas, and sometimes of Colorado. We drove by Mt. Shasta and that was probably the day's most awesome view. It had more snow than the Rockies. (We also had a flat tire on the way, but the spare was no donut!) As we drove into Crater, we saw more and more snow everywhere.

(SAM) Aloha in a cold way. Our campsite was very cold so we built a huge fire and sacrificed our beans to the god of pizza. We then said our rosary by the fire which added smoke in our eyes for us, but no heat. So it was a cold smoky night but we all knew that tomorrow would be another day.