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197.jpg (11798 bytes)DAY 33, JULY 1

(CHRIS) We awoke on the morning of the lst to the smell of salt water and pit toilets and began the drive up the coast. As always, Jon and Matt woke up 1st, Sam and I regaining consciousness a few miles later.

(SAM) Our first stop along to coast was sea lion caves. But they charged a fee to go down into the cave and we of course are above such capitalistic tendencies so we moved on. Along the coast we stopped at an overlook and spotted our first whale. We could see it come to the surface for air and then it would go back under for about two minutes. We then drove to Devil's Churn. After a short hike, we could see an inlet in the black rock about fifty feet wide in which the surf rushed.203.jpg (12796 bytes)

(CHRIS) The churn was awesome. At the shore end, where it was narrower, we jumped over the deadly steep walls and sucking waters. It was like a canyon, with the water rushing in and out really fast. We went to the shore side of the Churn where waves hit the rock with much force. The huge explosions of water were really cool, but the camcorder as at the van, so we needed photos. And of 204.jpg (17026 bytes)course, we are firm believers in people pictures, so Matt asked me to take his as the water hit. Sam and Jon joined him, and they all stepped back on the rock. I took the shot just as the wave hit, shooting water 20 feet up. But all the water had to come down... Well, they were soaked to say the least, but unfortunately no one got washed out to sea (we could have used all his leftover money!). While they changed clothes back at the van, I had deep thoughts with the ocean.200.jpg (13674 bytes)

We made several other stops along the coast that day. We saw a whale at two of them. At Seal Rock, we climbed on the huge rocks on the shore for a couple hours. We got up about forty feet at one point, but the waves were awesome. The climb down had to be timed so you would get to certain parts when the water was out. We had a blast here. Sam was an ultra-stud-cliffhanger, doing it all barefoot (Stallone as only missing a sweater!). The rocks were awesome, but never saw a seal.199.jpg (19826 bytes)

(MATT) ... Much later! Catch up day!

We stopped in Newport and after a lunch of... sandwiches, you guessed it. But with meat this time, Ahhh, healthy, we went to the College Aquarium which was free, of course. It was neat with lots of educational movies, like "Sharks: who, what, when, and how big" and "Global Warming and that perfect tan." Next, off down the coast to Devil's Punchbowl where we saw 2 more whales and then heedless of the environmental damage, climbed over the fence down to the rim of the bowl. It was very neat and the other tourists watched and wished they weren't as environmentally correct so that they could join in our fun.

202.jpg (15503 bytes)Then off to Portland! We asked nearly everyone in the city for the location of an all-you-can-eat place (The Foley's again... making sure we stay healthy!) We finally settled happily on good ole Pizza Hut. We feasted on 3 medium pan pizza's and were happy. Then we decided to venture off to a dollar movie theatre and watch a flick. We saw Groundhog Day with Bill Murray and Andy McDowell which was very entertaining but the ending needed a little help. Then (11:30pm) we decided to drive, alot. We had nearly 1,000 miles to go to the Teton's and didn't feel like wasting all of our daytime driving.

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