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91.jpg (20193 bytes)DAY 35, JULY 3

(MATT) Next day we went to Sam's dad's friend Dr. Budak and his wife Helga's house! Nice house, I said, nice house! It was cabin very well done with awesome view of the Teton's which we could not see because of the rain and clouds. Mrs. Budak fed us cake and coffee and tea while the Dr. told us all the places to go and things to do in both Teton and Yellowstone (or, as Jon calls it, Yosemite). Fun Fact from Mr.Budak! We naively asked the Mod Dr. , "Teton is a strange name, from whence did it come and what pray tell is its hidden meaning?" With a small, knowing man's smile he said, "Those Frenchmen who first visited these far lands had not seen a woman for many long days and the 3 rounded mountains reminded them of breasts they had left behind so long ago." I know its a long stretch of the imagination but then again... is it? (the 40th day) Then we feasted on meat and rice, salad and juice and were content. Blurb: Sam told me to say that he really wanted to see the Orchestra from Hell but that they gave it away.92.jpg (15068 bytes)

OK! Off to the Grand Tetons! ... No wait its pouring rain... Ok, off to Yellowstone (Yosemite for Jon) and it poured rain all day. We saw Old Faithful and several other geysers and many hot pools and steaming holes and stuff. Then we drove to Norris Geyser Basin and walked and appreciated their beauty in the rain. We drove to a campground near mud volcano and decided it was weak (ie, small and no trees). So we drove to Canyon City (stopping at 'Tower Falls on the way) and camped at Canyon. It was still raining so we set up camp, ate chicken noodle soup and went to bed.