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DAY 36, JULY 4

(MATT) Next morning was Sunday so off to Mass at Fishing Bridge. Not bad... fulfilled obligations and renewed my religious sentiments as well as satisfying my needs. We had to get gas so naturally we stopped and got gas. But the prices, Wow! I think they had a monopoly ($1.45 for 85.5 octane) so I asked for $10 in gas. Well I chatted to the fella cleaning the windows and happy happy joy joy. Until he approached my window, smiled and said that will be $41 please. What! I asked for $10. After a quick realization for them, they had me pull off to siphon out the extra. (still raining) Well I waited and they tried and tried and tried. Then the guy said it wouldn't work because we have a stopper in the tank. (A NY thing I guess.) After asking how long this is going to take and waiting even longer, he said well I'll give it to you at self serve price (ie--$1.20) I said, "I told you $10 and that will be over $30, tell you what, I've got $20, I'll give you that." He agreed and Yea! We got gas for 70 cents a gallon.

After this victory we went back to camp, awoke Chris, and broke camp.. After a nutritious breakfast of Toasty-O's, we went to Yosemite Falls (upper and lower), walked down "Uncle Tom's" Trail (326 steps) to view the lower falls. next stop, Artist's Point. Chris really liked it and we had some deep thoughts and interviews while the other tourists were jealous and watched. Following Dr. Budak's advice, we hiked down the trail at Artist's Point to see the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone. Very nice, good color and texture. We approved. The rain came back and we drove to Fishing Bridge for phone calls and shopping. Since it continued to rain, we decided to drive back to the Tetons in hope of better weather and maybe a bear sighting. (Update: we have already seen many Elk, Buffalo (bison), and a few Mooses, But No Bears).

So back to the Teton's (it rained most of the way).

We found a campsite in Colter Bay. We had seen some firewood and were gathering it when I told Sam to cross the road and gather up there. Well, we had finished and were waiting in the van for Sam. We waited and waited, blew the horn, and yelled, but he didn't corn back. Strange, well maybe he saw a bear and had run for it--it's possible. Well, Chris still wanted to see a bear so with high hopes, he grabbed his camera and went looking for Sam and a bear mauling Sam to get some footage. Meanwhile Jon and I checked out some other campsites and returned. Well, now Chris was gone. So we yelled and waited and Jon went looking for Chris who was looking for Sam. This is getting ridiculous so I'll end it. Sam had misunderstood and went back to our other site and was waiting. Jon came back and Chris did too. Then Jon made dinner while we set up camp (in the rain) and we ate in the van for maximum dryness.

We decided to go to Jackson to check out the town and see if they were having any fireworks. It stopped raining for the evening while we browsed through shops, bought some souvenirs, and bummed around, Jon called Halyna and we went to the fireworks display. It was long and very very good. I was totally impressed. Chris barked like a dog in appreciation. It was alot of fun. It was the best and longest show I had ever seen, nearly one hour. We drove to camp and stopped at a lookout mountain on the way. Then went to bed... wet and tired. Our damp cold tent and bags weren't too comfy, but we slept long nevertheless.