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DAY 37, JULY 5

(MATT) A damp, cold morning welcomed us with new promise of rain. We finally decided to give up on Teton's and call it a rain out. So we drove back up to Yellowstone (Yosemite for Jon) in search of dry weather. We were still cloud covered, but a brief clearing allowed us to hike the Storm Point Trail which was closed most of the year because of bears. We did see more Buffalo and marmots and bear evidence, but we saw no bears. It started raining again so we called it quits and are now heading for the Badlands.

(CHRIS) So we traveled many miles on that day of the 5th. We went through the Shoshone Forest, a very beautiful place of mule deer, loose cattle, cool rock formations, a moose jam, and a winding river. We stopped in Cody, Wyoming to see the Buffalo Bill Museum, but it cost. However, we got in free ("May I use the restroom?") but only stayed a few minutes because of our moral code. Surprise, surprise, it was raining in Cody.

Soon we were traveling in spacious prairies and passed through a town of 10 people. But we chose scenic Greybull as the place to buy gas and eat. The gas was cheap but the food was becoming a problem. All but Jon could afford to buy something but no one but me wanted to. So for the 9th meal in a row, we ate PB&J. This time on French bread. I arranged for some free showers at the local pool. Then, all the sudden, this wind picked up incredibly. We were at a picnic table at a mini mart and everything started flying. We almost lost our Tennessee cups that the Hannye's gave us (boy those cups have been through a lot!). But luckily, the macaroni and cheese was about ready. Since bowls and silverware were all blowing away, we ate the yellow slime in the van. It was good.

We voted against taking showers because we wanted to get close to the Black Hills by nightfall. Sam and I don't like driving at night because we feel that we miss too much. So we drove until about 10pm. On the way we almost hit some loose cattle. Cool. We were going to drive to Rapid City after we shunned a $10 unimpressive state park campground, but I noticed that it was east of the Black Hills. So we stopped just after the South Dakota border in Spearfish. Since we had that "meal" early, we were hungry. We decided on tortilla chips because we had Taco sauce. The sauce would represent salsa and the snack would remind us of slower days at Christendom when we would all dip and crunch together at Suite Six after midnight Quad rosary. So we dipped and crunched right there in the mini mart parking lot. A real tail gate party!

Then we noticed 2 girls (about 17) eyeing us (mostly Sam). They waved as they drove off, but before we were done eating they came back and left again. When we pulled out, they were right on us! Sam got excited and confused (actually all of us did, but he was driving) and went the wrong way (because we had picked out a hospital parking lot to sleep in.) It was so funny--we were all yelling and nervous, and these two girls were just smiling and driving in the lane next to us. I started to slide down in the seat and Sam didn't know where to drive. Then I barked out the window at them. As we approached the expressway, they turned around, so we naturally turned around and followed them. Then we turned and they followed us. Jon started filming the whole fiasco. It was hilarious. SPEARFISH--what a weird town. Finally we parked and got ready to sleep in the parking lot as they circled around a few times and drove off. We cracked Spearfish girls for a while, and dozed off.