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DAY 41, JULY 9

(CHRIS) We went to bed past 1 am, but woke up on the 9th at 6:15am. We drove in separate cars to the St. Paul Cathedral. We saw the cathedral and went to Mass, then parted with Ann. I think she enjoyed our visit. We all had fun. Jon drove the four or five hours though Wisconsin while the rest of us napped. Wisconsin was nice and green, but the rain held off most of the way. Soon we were in Michigan and we got to St. Ignace about 6 pm. We ate in a park by the bridge after we crossed it. We had pretty much decided not to camp, but to go to the Carlson's late. So we ate the few cans of food we had. The soup turned out gross this time (potato, mushroom, broccoli), but the macaroni and cheese with tuna was good. Then we went to the shops of Mackinaw. It was an overly touristy town, but Sam bought a shirt. Matt and I got ice cream.

The highlight was the fact that we pretended we were Europeans everywhere we went. People thought us very strange with our accents, etc. Matt played with one boy's mind. He had over heard his name called, so when Adam approached, Matt said, "Hello, Adam," (with accent). The kid was shocked that he knew his name. Matt said he was from lower Slabovia and "knew many things." The boy backed away, eyes bulging. It was hilarious. Many tourists stopped to watch me as I recounted the Badlands storm to my parents (with outrageous accent) on the phone. We left Mackinaw unimpressed, even deciding not to take the island ferry when paid for by dad. It took about four hours to get to Carlson's, so we amused ourselves with the CB (still with accents). One trucker told me to tumble back where I came from because he was weedstopper.