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DAY 42, JULY 10

(CHRIS) We got to Jon's at 2am. He talked to Heather awhile, but Mom and Dad were asleep. Matt got Chris' room, and Sam and I s1ept on Jon's floor. We arose on the 10th at 9am, had breakfast, and drove out to the Carlson's boat.

(MATT) We were happy that Heather would be able to accompany us upon the boat (as well as Mr. Carlson.) Heather has been very lonely. We had a good time. The boat was a 19' footer and pretty fast, Jon drove most of the time. They drove us to Strawberry Island where we swam and wished for a frisbee! We also threw each other up into the air using the secret cross arm method for maximum height! It was a blast and we achieved trip height breaking records! We did flips and I even landed on my feet after a back flip! We threw Chris too! He smacked himself pretty good but tried again. Heather was the big surprise. She first refused to get into the water, then refused to be thrown but once convinced was flung high into the air and landed in odd contortions but was quite ready to go again--alright Heather! What a girl!!

After such vigorous play we drove Heather and Mr. Carlson back to the dock and after some good P.R. work by Jon received permission to take the boat back out. So we went to a spot Jon sometimes fished upon and he and Sam fished (without licenses) and Chris and I slept and gazed and drempt. They caught nothing so we went further and swam. The water was a little warmer and we had gotten a frisbee at deck so we dove off the boat and caught it in various contortional positions--and it was good and we rejoiced.

Then back to Jon's where we vegged and watched the Bad News Bears and Jon made us hamburgers. After a good feed, we went off to play soccer against a local school wall with childhood buddy, Jeff and his woman Suzanne (cute.) It was alot of fun and we still had alot of the skill we had once employed so many years ago. Then back to Jon's where we sat and talked to the folks then watched Can't Buy Me Love followed by the end of Far and Away. Then after Heather came home we watched some more of our video. Both she and Mrs. Carlson thought it was very funny.