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DAY 43, JULY 11

(MATT) ]text morning, the 43rd day, when I awoke from my slumber, Chris had already risen, attended his Mass and returned. So we 3 showered and dressed and ate a breakfast, courtesy of Mr. Carlson, and it too was good. Thus, we said goodbye to Mr. Carlson and drove to Mass with Mrs. Carlson and Heather. The church was very beautiful and orthodox (Heather will be married in that church.) After Mass we spoke to the security guard who said if we ever go on a "trip" again he would go.

After such a kind offer by Opus (security) we said our goodbye to Mrs. Carlson and proceeded on to Greek Town Detroit (appropriately named) and ate the world's best pizza at Pizza Paplias Chicago Style. It took awhile to cook but as their logo says nothing good in life comes quickly. That is why we took a six week trip rather than two week. That's also why we all are going to return 30 years old. The pizza was very very good and was furnished in part by Carlsons and in part by Tumbleweeds. Then we shopped a little and saw some Detroit T-shirts. Now we've seen virtually every tourist trap and T-shirt design in the nation on this trip. But these were different. Some said "Detroit--where the weak are killed and eaten." Others, "I'm so bad I vacation in Detroit," and finally the classic "Have a nice day in Detroit (smiley face with bullet hole and blood)." Weee! now let's leave.102.jpg (19228 bytes)

OK, we're on our way through Canada to Niagara Falls and should be there about 6:30pm Eastern time., Look out N.Y., Tumbleweeds are rolling through and hurling rocks as we go. We can't be stopped. We're on a mission from God. Over 11,000 miles and still rolling on.

99.jpg (17482 bytes)(JON) Hello Tumbleweeds. Niagara Falls was great. I slept most of the way through Canada. I was really impressed. I was the only one that hadn't seen it. We parked about 2 miles from the falls and then walked. I never knew that Niagara Falls was in the shape of a horseshoe, I also never knew that there was an American Falls and the Canadian side was alot nicer. The American Fails looked like they are eroding. We gazed at the Falls for a while. Then we decided to use our Mr. Foley credit account from Mackinaw to go on the Maid of the Mist which is a boat that goes up to the Falls. However , the place didn't take credit cards. So we decided not to go. We stood at a look out point for awhile. Then found bathrooms. Chris and I decided to run 1 1/2 miles to the car while Sam and Matt waited at the look out point. Chris and I could run fine now that we had thicker air. So Chris and I picked up our other Tumbleweeds and headed to Rochester.97.jpg (22144 bytes)

We got back into the U.S. fine. The lady at the border started interrogating us, then out of the blue, started interrogating our starfish on our antenna. We assured her that it was a U.S. citizen too. We got lost in Buffalo actually we just took the long way around. When we got to the Foley's house, we were there earlier than expected so we sneaked into the backyard and then screamed and yelled while jumping into the pool. Kate who was in the house at the time thought we were someone else and was ready to rip someone's head off. When she heard Chris laughing, she was pacified. Chris has control over his sisters.

We were eager to do something that evening. Wait first we said hello to everyone then ate. We had sandwiches and tuna, macaroni salad. Then we went to a little stream and a field called the Glen and lit off bottle rockets and sparkling rockets. We had fun. We met Liz (finally.) It was incredible she knew all about us. The second she walked in she pointed to each of us and said our names. We also met John.