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Day 1, May 31

(Dave) Here at Tower Air. Arrived 5 hours early as of yet. Heat not been a problem.

(Chris) After gathering from our various social circles at about 3am, we left from Greg's apartment at 6:30am. The drive to Tom McKim's house in Allendale, NJ took only 4:15 (we expected 6). We took Tom to breakfast at 11:30 (courtesy of the communist fund) and he drove us to JFK. Dealing with check-in took us from 12:30-1:30. Now we wait...

(Sam) Helloooo Log! Dave is reading from the Bible as we wait. (Samuel 10:19) While we were waiting we all took a refreshing nap.

 47.jpg (12622 bytes)The rows of seats are metal but very comfortable. That is they were until the loud speakers (the operative word is loud) woke us from our beauty sleep. But alas, this wake up call was not for us.

There are many more people sharing our benches now and it is amazing the variety of people. I have never seen such a motley crew. There are elegant, beautiful people, odd-looking people, everything from turbans to dredlocks to Dave. Which brings me to my point. Anyone who is a regular visitor to the Tumbleweed Web Site knows that the ever popular but not so famous "Jon" (one of the original 4 Tumbleweeds) is with us in spirit if not in body. Jon now has a lovely and beautiful wife and one prodigy Mary Bernadette. Greg B., Dave B., and Joe S. have accepted the challenge to try to fill the void. Although we know this is a futile attempt, we must give them credit for trying. We will miss Jon and we congratulate him for having the courage to be the first Tumbleweed to take the plunge into marital bliss.

At this point, I would like to officially welcome the new dudes to the party. Note: Alth...

Beep. We must go to the gate; we're off!

(Chris) Dave asked for some ginger ale, but they gave him the shafta. And time passes...