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Day 20, June 19

(Chris) We struggled from sleep to the beach by 11am. I got us some umbrellas to shade us from the evil sun, but was defeated by the gaseous orb some 11 million miles away anyway. We swam, hackeyed, ate, slept, and dusted off sand. But mostly, we just baked - especially me.

Dave walked to Jaffa and said it was not worth it. We played a few games of 500 in the sea with a scrunchie. We showered at the beach, grabbed our bags from the hostel, and went to the bus stop. We chewed bazooka, hackeyed, and waited. The bus was late, but got us to the airport on time.

The security check was 20 minutes of questions about who we were, where we had been, where we were going, why there were strange ticking noises coming from our luggage, and if Charlie Brown was a pseudo-nym. Sam says it was worth it to take this plane because of the meal served en-route. While he enjoyed his $200 Subway sandwich, I began to feel the FX of a day under the evil sun.

The flight had been delayed because Aslan the Lion had his luggage on board without him being there. A bomb was suspected so his bag (which turned out to contain only a zebra carcass) was removed. We landed at midnight in Istanbul - Constantinople - Istanbul - Constantinople (nobody's business but the Turks.)