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(Matt) We rose about 7am and left for Mass about 8am. We walked and trammed it to our Italian Mass. And trammed then walked (really fast) back to the hostel just in time to catch the bus to Gallipoli. The only interesting part about the bus trip (that I will tell you about) was that it was our first. All in all, it was cramped, very hot, and long.

(DAVE) It was curious that the whole time we were on the bus, the water was on our left. I thought for sure it would be on our right, but it was in fact on our left. And this is why - we went down the European side of Turkey and reached the western coast of the Dardenelles across from Cannakale. An easy ferry ride across the Dardenelles and through the town of Cannakale and viola - we were at the infamous Yellow Rose to watch a documentary on Gallipoli and the movie itself "Gallipoli."

But before all this happened, we had a series of ping-pong games - some of which were part of a highly acclaimed competition between Samuel Aronhime and myself. In our first game, I crushed Sam 30 to 28. Unfortunately, I must say I ended up losing my bet to Sam (he won the next two games.) Chris beat me as well. It was not a good night for Brown.

However, forgetting my pitiful ping-pong play, I and the others settled down to about 3 1/2 hours of watching TV about Gallipoli. I must say that for the first time in my life, I understand the movie "Gallipoli." The first time I saw it, I thought it was a stupid movie - no plot, with a weird ending. But now I understand. The next morning we would walk the battlefields of Gallipoli and discover more about this terrible battle of World War I.