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Day 28, June 27

(DAVE) The ship arrived in port about 8:00 in the morning. We were soon off and in search of a rental car place. We struck it lucky in getting a van (that comfortably held six) for two days (actually three - since they're closed on Sundays) for only $200.315.jpg (19197 bytes)

Knowing how we all love Athens so much, we decided to spend an extra hour or so wandering the streets of Athens before heading off to Delphi. Actually, we were just lost for a little while - due to the damn confusing streets of Athens. We arrived in Delphi mid-afternoon, found a very nice, very clean hotel in the quiet town of Delphi. Chris and I had an awesome view of the mountains from our room. We were all pretty beat, so we all laid down for a little nap.

Up at 3:00 and on the road again (walking this time) - down to the ancient ruins of the Oracle at Delphi (just outside the town.) Once again, the Greeks knew where to build when they built this site - it always seems they build their sites with a view in mind. And the Oracle was no different - up high in the mountains, overlooking several mountains in the distance (with the sea in view as well,) it rested in front of two huge rocky crags.

There were some interesting ruins at this particular site - with the Temple of Apollo being the central building, there was also a nice little theatre and an impressive stadium (the first we had seen on this trip.) At this stadium, many athletes throughout the ages compete in various sports for gold and glory. And on this day, two MORE no-less athletic athletes came to this stadium to compete...317.jpg (31015 bytes)

With the audience (Chris, Greg, Matt, and Joe and a few misc. high school students) in a state of heightened anticipation, the two runners (namely Sam and myself) prepared themselves for battle. The call was sounded and the runners were off. It was a hot day but the runners were unaware of the pain they were feeling in their lungs and legs... To be honest, Sam (being a former track star) should have won. But, not finding his true form that day - or maybe, it was the wishes of the Oracle - that that day I should prevail. Or at least, I think I did... It was somewhat disputed. I was in the lead towards the end of the race, but Sam was coming up fast. We crossed he finish line in a near photo finish. The guys thought I probably won, but we may never know... But as one wise man once said - winning isn't everything, it's the ONLY thing. But I believe - THAT DAY - Sam and I both walked away winners - 'cause we winced not from competition but competed.

Now on to the TALKING HEADS episode of our trip. this was one of the more humorous points of our trip. We all in turn (with the camera rolling) configured ourselves upside down, covered our eyes and noses and hair, placed glasses on our throats, and talked like idiots - each for a few minutes. We all had a good laugh...314.jpg (15937 bytes)

(Greg) Before we left the Oracle, we had to check out the museum on the site. Matt had to check out one of the cute museum guides. Chris and Sam tried to talk Matt into asking her out for the night, but to our surprise, Matt wasn't up to it. He was starting to feel sick, so we walked back into town.

On the way back to our hotel, we stopped at a restaurant with an awesome view and awesome baked spaghetti. The owner was a friendly sort of guy and was very proud of his establishment. That night, we all slept well in our clean, comfortable rooms.