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What's Next?

No one can say for sure when, where, and how the Tumbleweeds will make their next journey.  Chris and Matt are pretty sure they will be ready for the next trip by the time 1999 rolls around.  Sam was leaning towards South America for the next trip, but Matt is interested in seeing the rest of Africa.  With all 7 Tumbleweeds starting out in fledgling careers and marriages, money will undoubtably be a problem.

Perhaps the most inflammable part of the debate is not where, but who.   The "opposite sex" issue has raised its head among the 'Weeds.   Although the "Tumbleweed Family Winnebago US Tour" will happen when all concerned are settled down, Chris has stated that, for now, the Tumbleweeds Adventure Series is strictly a "guy thing."  However, with Jon married, Greg engaged, and others of us considering that ultimate marital adventure, who is to say female Tumbleweeds will not join the ranks?

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