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DAY 18, JUNE 16, 1993 170.JPG (21939 bytes)

(CHRIS) Since we had a primitive campsite, no one washed up yet. For today was the 16th---Hotel Day in Ouray! Matt's friend's dad bought us a room in Box Canyon Lodge, and we got to town at about l1am, though check in wasn't til 2pm. So we shopped around, ate Tooti Fruities, wrote postcards, checked up the car, scouted out the liquor stores, and watched all the tourists go by.

We got to the hotel at 1:50. It was really nice and the natural springs hot tubs were just outside our room's door. So we bummed around the room, napped, snacked, talked on the phone, showered, and, of course, melted in the hot tubs. It was fantastic. While on the phone with my dad and mom, I told them tonight's dinner would be Manwich in the room. Dad told me to use his credit card and go out and eat some Colorado steaks. So we made reservations at the Pinon in town and went in at 7. 169.JPG (16805 bytes)The food was awesome. The steak I had was the best I've ever had--didn't even need A-1. Dessert was ice cream with flaming banana sauce or chocolate mousse. Delicious! Well the bill was steep, but hopefully Dad won't regret offering, for we all feel he spent $129 very well.

Then we got some beer (wine cooler for me, the rookie drinker) and went to the hotel, where we watched the video we've taken on the trip. I guess the neighbor's complained a bit because we were loud, but it was all on TV. We were pretty tired and quiet. No one even had more than one drink, we were so full and bushed.