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DAY 20, JUNE 18, 1993180.JPG (18257 bytes)

(JON) When we awoke the next morning, I didn't even know we were at the Grand Canyon until Matt told me and showed me. We found a campsite early and went out for a hike. Matt and Chris, our two invalids, hopped along the trail down into the canyon., dodging mule guana and rivers of yellow substance racing along the trail. We went 1 1/2 miles down into the canyon to a resting place called Cedar Ridge. Sam fed a really tame squirrel, until Matt gave it a big hunk of fruit and it ran away. Chris predicted that he was going to give it to his girlfriend. It came back again and we fed it. It ran away again so we headed back up the canyon. Sam and I made it up quickly until we had to follow mules and dodge their pee and guana. When we made it to the top, we waited for hop-a-long #l and #2 to come into view. They made it up fine. They said that going down hurt more than coming up.175.JPG (14594 bytes)

Our next plan was to take a bus tour to the west ridge of the canyon. I almost stayed with the car to take a nap, but I decided to go. We saw some incredible sights. Grand Canyon fun fact: there were 2O fatalities and 450 rescues in the canyon last year. When we got back to camp, we had macaroni and cheese a la Carlson and cut green beans. Sam wanted to go to the public campfire to find some campfire babes. But we held him back to play cards instead. Chris called Liz, only to find out that she went to a Mormon match making ceremony. No need to worry. Liz wants to marry Chris. So he talked to his family instead. After we played cards, we said our rosary and went to bed.

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