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DAY 1, MAY 18

(MATT) This is a truly historic moment. Tumbleweeds 2 begins now. We hereby name this trip "T2 European Vacation." We have spent the past week together duly preparing for this moment's eventuality; our excitement seems to be waiting for a more opportune moment to emerge. I personally feel numb. Maybe the thrill has overcome my normally emotional self so much as to seemingly dampen my spirit. But I assure you that deep down inside I am truly happy and cannot wait any longer... fortunately for me I don't have to.

Our flight leaves at 5:30 p.m. and lands 2 a.m. in Paris - 8 a.m. Paris time. Consequently, we will have a rather huge case of jet lag. For the record, this is my first real flight. I have, if you read our last book, traveled quite extensively in our own country, but always on the ground. I must brag that Liz Flagg, since she would not be able to have letters sent to me, wrote me 14 letters to be opened throughout our journey. Wow, I was impressed.

Technical Affairs-- we each plan on spending $2500 total for this trip. Thanks to Chris, the plane tickets out of Toronto were a mere $475. The car, a '95 Renault was $334 each. Pretty good, eh? Thank you, Chris.

Everyone looks a little tired. We decided to stay up late last night so that we could sleep on the plane. Luckily Janet and Janice came over (Jason was also there) and we talked and went to the park. I had a nice talk with Janet and she told me she was a "gay man trapped in a woman's body," but we won't quote her on that. Chris managed to get a kiss out of it all but I'm not sure how to feel about being kissed by a very attractive woman who thinks she's a gay man--which kissed Chris.

(CHRIS) It is 4:30 now and we are waiting to board the plane to Paris. The trip to Toronto from my house went well and quickly. We did meet a Muslim seik during our attempt to find parking. He let us out of the wrong parking lot without paying. He spoke broken English, wore a mongo turban, braided his beard, and carried a large knife. We Christians escaped alive. The excitement is mounting, the plane is revving, the Tumbleweeds are set to go. T2 is reality.

An engine blew out on our plane! Fortunately, we had a planned stop in Montreal. But the plane could not be fixed on the spot, so we were in for a long wait. The plan was to replace our plane with an identical one, but Air Canada had to get the replacement to fly in from Toronto. We tried to overcome our grief of delay by convincing ourselves that the new plane would have a working projection TV, unlike the first plane.

So we sat on a plane that didn't work for about 3 hours. We met some fellow travelers. (The Canadian ones were not allowed to go to Spain because of the fishing area war.) Some Montrealers came on the bad plane, just to get their airplane meal, then switched planes. It was Matt's first plane trip. He was not scared and he darted to the window seat to look during take off. We had the 4 middle seats (there were 10 per row). We all got sleepy en route to Paris, and the boring movie Immortal Beloved did not help us stay awake. So getting a few hours was good. We finally landed at 10:40 (instead of 8 a.m.) in Paris.

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