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DAY 10, MAY 27

(MATT) Sam woke me up at 8 a.m. and we tried to get breakfast, but the door was locked, we thought. So we slept a little more and then Sam, Jon, and I walked to the Chapelita for an English Mass. After Mass, we all ate breakfast at Holy Angels. It turned out that we just didn't push the door hard enough. Puny Arnericanos. We feasted continental style on bread with cheese, bread with honey, bread with apple jam stuff, bread with butter, or plain bread. There was also coffee and hot milk. Then after a brief stop and Gracias to Sister Mary Helena, we were off.

We drove past many, many really neat castles but didn't stop until Toledo. We found a campground (see below) (Camping El Greco sticker), set up the tent. After dinner (some bread, meat, cheese, and fruit, we picked up), and went to the city. Toledo as a city with two parts. The old, inside, the ancient walls, and the new which was neat because it added to the view from the ancient walls. We browsed, walked, explored, contemplated, looked, imagined, and enjoyed Toledo at night, with every other 17 year old in a 300 mile radius. There were alot of young people there hanging out, drinking, and talking. I really enjoyed the life of the town, but it was frustrating at the same time because we couldn't really talk to anyone. We stayed in town 'til about midnight and went home.49.jpg (17388 bytes)

It wasn't until we returned to our site that we realized our tent was directly below what resembled a street light and downwind from an abandoned bathroom. I was sort of wired from all the action in town so I went for a walk. It was a beautiful night, warm with a light breeze blowing gently through the trees. I watched the stars and slowly unwound. Meanwhile, back at the campsite, Jon and Chris were drifting off to sleep to the sounds of Sam chanting, "I hate this place. it stinks. It's bright. I hate this town, All we saw was teeny-boppers fondling each other. I hate, I hate, I hate." So we all were at peace.

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