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12.jpg (12881 bytes)DAY 2, MAY 19

(CHRIS) Jon's first language encounters in the airport were a bit shaky, but we discovered there were no lockers. We got the right bus and soon were at the Arc de Triumph. We had to carry all our stuff for the 25 minute walk to Jean's apartment. It was a great way to get a first look at the city. After all our lateness in flight, we arrived at Jean's at 12:50 p.m., 10 minutes early. Jean came on time.

(JON) We went up to Jean's place. Pretty nice!! Jean took me, Sam, and Matt to a good store to buy food. We ran back and got Chris who stayed at Jean's and went back to the store and bought a loaf of bread and a block of cheese. Next we went to St. Magdelenes Church and ate our lunch an the steps of the church.2.jpg (14347 bytes)

(CHRIS) St. Mag was a big church, but it had no windows. Napoleon changed its building plans from a church to a temple to himself. Nap's painting is on the ceiling. But when Nap lost in Russia, it was completed as a church. The statue of St. Luke outside was beheaded by frappe in 1918.

We next walked to the obelisk, where the guillotine of the French Revolution peaked. In that square also a great view of the Tuileries/Lourve. We walked50.jpg (17440 bytes) through the Tuilleries gardens, which had many naked statues. Then we went through the many palace grounds (we were walking over the Lourve without knowing it.) Then we went to St. Germane Church. Very nice, very old. We then walked to Notre Dame on the Seine River island. This was the awesome medieval cathedral with the famous Rose windows. We were too late for the tower tour, but the other guys went to the 6pm Mass.

6.jpg (15253 bytes)We went to a cafe on the other side of the Seine. We had a cheese sandwich and coffee or beer while it rained. Then we walked toward the Bastille, which was not there. Just a tower memorial and a Opera House where bikers hang out. Matt and I were feeling alien because of language, but Sam wanted to go to a bar. So we walked through a grungy area of town, and he changed his mind. Jon had already left us by then to walk back to Jean's. Jean gave us his apartment for the weekend, though he would be out of town. It is very nice, though, with three rooms plus a kitchen area, toilette, room with bath and sink (no door.)

Sam, Matt, and I had a long walk back, but we sang and1.jpg (18466 bytes) made the best of our sore feet. We got a bit lost, but no biggie. Jon had not been back long when we returned, because he was lost too. I fell asleep beginning this day's entry and the guys conked out after a dumb movie. We had so much to do the next day, but everyone just kept sleeping.

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