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(MATT) We woke up a little after 8 a.m. and low and behold, the rain had finally stopped. I rose slowly and gently so as not to disturb the gods of rain. I peeked outside with a prayer on my lips that the mountains were revealed in their majestic glory... but no such luck. Oh well, at least we were dry. So what if we couldn't see Denise Belleville's favorite town in all of Europe. So what if Jon and I had been looking forward to the Alps for the whole trip. That doesn't bother us. If God doesn't will me to see the Alps yet, I'll come back later. But please, no more rain. I'll do anything or go anywhere if you'll just stop the rain.

Well, we hung around the camp this morning and used the free dryer some more, then ate bread and honey for breakfast. Jon and I wrote Father's Day letters while Sam and Chris drank the last two beers. Then, we took off for a little sight-seeing in Innsbruck 'til our 1 p.m. car appointment. We browsed through some very expensive shops; for example, a swatch was $60-$130. It was a neat little tourist trap waiting for unsuspecting tourists unlike our own savvy selves. So we simply 104.jpg (18233 bytes)didn't buy anything. We walked toward the Alpenzoo but ended up going back to town. We bought lunch at a supermarket for $23 dollars and walked about l 1/2 miles back to the Renault dealership where we had dropped off the car to be serviced. (I walked with a one liter bottle of orange 7-up on my head. Boy, you don't see that every day. Everybody that passed looked but didn't stare--they're a polite people--and a trucker honked right beside us and we all jumped... but it didn't fall.)

We had a snack of bread which had some serious weight to it and a huge bunch of grapes. We sat on the curb waiting for the car and ate our grapes. Chris, Jon, and I spit seeds out into the road. (Jon could spit the farthest.) We got tired of waiting, so I took off to find a post office, phonecard, and phone while Jon went to find envelopes and Sam wandered aimlessly. I don't know what Chris as up to... just Chris things, but by himself. I used 1/2 of my recently purchased phone card and got to talk to Liz for about 10 minutes. It was a nice 10 minutes. And that's all I've got to say about that.

We headed out of town after Chris settled up the bill ($16O for the service and $70 for the broken window which the insurance will refund him.) We headed down the old highway and stopped at a rest park for lunch/dinner and ate the same old bread, meat, and cheese sandwiches, then played some much improved hacky sack. 105.jpg (16770 bytes)(We were wearing shoes this time.) We finished the game with a triple hack, our first ever! Now we are making a quick stop in Bad Aibling so Sam can buy a post card for his uncle, who stayed there with the occupying forces after WWII.

(CHRIS) Sam couldn't find any postcards in this German town. (We had to cut through Germany in order to get from Innsbruck to Salzburg.) So Matt stole a B.A. festival poster for Sam to give his uncle. We were back in Austria before dark and set up at the campground Rif. We read some L'Amour, drank some beer, ate some cookies, played some harmonica, and slept. It rained that night.

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