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(CHRIS) We all slept in. Only Sam set his watch alarm (8 am), but no one heard it. So it was about 1 pm by the time we left the apartment. First, we bought bread and cheese. We ate it with the pigeons on the way to what we thought was Napoleon's grave. But, unfortunately, we could not find it. We next asked a police man the way to the Lourve. He told us the directions, but we disregarded them because Sam knew Paris better than him. We discovered that the Lourve was actually under and around the Tuilleries. We waited 'til 3 pm to get tickets because the price was 1/2 after then.9.jpg (11849 bytes)10.jpg (14990 bytes)

First we saw many nice paintings of the medieval era. Of course, we saw the Mona Lisa. Not as impressive as I expected; it wasn't even very crowded. My advice--buy a copy of this DaVinci. We saw many great Catholic works. One of our favorites was The Young Martyr, with a girl floating in water. Sam and Jon bought a poster of it. We saw Egyptian spinnkters and Greek statues. We gazed in childish delight at Venus and other medieval, Greek, and Latin nudes. Oh La La! The constant bombardment of our senses by men's genitalia was disturbing. We saw Charlemagne's "crown" and "sword". Our feet ached a bit.14.jpg (12362 bytes)

We then journeyed to Rue de Bac, the famous street of the Chapel of the Miraculous Medal. Many nuns with post VC2 habits inhabited this area. Mass was concluding when we arrived so crowds were thick. We saw an incorrupt body through the crowds and thought it was St. Catherine, but it was the founder, St. Louise De De Marrillac. She was too perfect for 300 years old--must be wax treatment. Soon, as the crowds cleared, we saw St. Catherine and the chair Our Lady appeared to her as well as St. Vincent's heart. We bought some miraculous medals at this place of their origin, then moved on.

We chose a small Italian restaurant that we thought was French. We spent 450 Francs, all included for a tre bon meal. Matt had liver (it came back to haunt him.) Sam had fancy spegettios. Jon had beef. I had veal. We ordered red wine. We had mousse and caramel and cappachino for dessert. Our waiter, who seemed also to be the owner, knew a bit of English and we shot the breeze. He came from a town one hour south of Rome. So he was at least trilingual. (he had relatives who he's visited in Niagara Falls and Boston. He gave us some Paris sight-seeing tips in case we come back at the end of our trip. He gave is a National Geographic of Venice and other "garbage" (Sam says) including many typical NG naked Africans. This was good, since we'd already seen enough of the naked marble Europeans.

After the vunderbar supper, we walked to the Eifel Tower. It was awesome. We may return to climb it--the stairs close at 6 p.m. We walked home along the Seine. We stopped at a Euro-mall on Champs d'Elysees. We returned to Jean's apartment and saw part of a movie while we planned stuff and wrote and drank water. Then we slept.

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