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DAY 31, JUNE 17

(MATT) We awoke, excited to continue the fun in Praha. Last night had been a complete success despite the foot and ticket. We parked, in a parking garage this time, and set off to the Charles Bridge again. As soon as we had set foot on the bridge, we were accosted by eight musicians of various size and instrument. It was amazing, not only did they all have similar features, but somehow their instruments all playing different notes on completely different instruments joined together and blended into beautiful music. 115.jpg (21677 bytes)It was amazing to watch. That bridge must have some magical power in it yet to join together all those unwitting lonely musicians into such harmony. I was astonished--almost in awe in the splendor of the moment until Sam told me that they were a family playing together on purpose.

We paid the small fee to climb to the top of the bridge tower and enjoyed a bird's eye view of the city roof tops and the bridge with all its hustle and bustle below. We then preceded across the bridge to see the city. We wandered through the streets and tried to see St. Nicholas, which is now a concert hall as well as every other church in the city. Then we proceeded up the hill to the fortress the top. We chanced upon a changing of the guard, watched it with several hundred other people types and were glad we are not in the military. We saw the city again from way above the roof tops this time on the black tower. Then we tried to see the Cathedral Vitus but could only see the outside; the inside was closed for reasons I cannot reveal. Whether it is of top secret importance for the preservation of the world as we know it or because I don't know I cannot reveal that either. But the outside was pretty and very ornate.

116.jpg (18477 bytes)After this disappointment, we proceeded to look for a place to eat. (We had purchased a breakfast of an apple fritter type thing a piece. Eighty-eight cents for all four at noon but had not eaten anything else.) After wandering about for quite some time, we found the church where the Infant of Prague was. The reason I'm telling the story in this order is that it is the identical proceedings as they happened in my brain that day. I thought we were looking for a restaurant, but we were actually looking for the infant. Anyway, we found it, the infant, that is. Read the prayer and its story, made a little visit and then looked for a restaurant. We found one a feasted with beer and appetizer for $32 and were happy. It began the daily rain (for us) as we were finishing eating so we ordered a cappachino and sat a little longer.

We left as the rain let up and as we worked our way back to the bridge, Chris bought a wooden egg, hand-painted, for his Ma. Then we hurried to the famous town clock that death rings and the apostles show themselves. The clockmaker had his eyes put out upon the completion of the clock by the man 117.jpg (19427 bytes)who hired him so that he could not ever make another--what a jerk. Then we saw an outdoor bazaar at which something funny happened. We were walking past some booths and I heard a girl say loudly to her friend in English, "It doesn't matter, I have lots of money." Thinking that such things are better left unsaid because you can never tell who's listening and who speaks your language, I stepped past her and said quietly, "I wouldn't tell everybody that," and kept walking. She was not amused. She turned right to me and said, "Not on me," then walked two steps and said, "At home," then again, "in a bank." I just smiled at her and kept walking. But she was mad at me. She kept watching me like I was going to rob her. Well, maybe the lesson will work and she will watch what she says in a public place. Se la vi, I mean, C'est vie.

Then we saw the "Tin Church" and Sam bought a an egg from a fella painting them on the street and I bought a Bohemian hat and shirt (I'm not sure if the shirt is for me or not.) Then we walked back to where the car was, passed it, and walked down the river to Vyscherod which I did not go to. I stopped and watched the sun work its way down toward the river and enjoyed my last minutes of Praha. I will let someone else tell you about Vyscherod. I just want to say that thus far, Praha is my favorite city and 1 enjoyed relaxing in its shadowy splendor.

(CHRIS) Vysherad was nice. It is the Czech Republic's most revered landmark according to Let's Go, but we never found out why. Anyway, it was a nice park walk, yet another awesome church, and a graveyard. There were many prestigious corpses here, the only one we had heard of being the great composer, Dvorak. Anyway, the whole thing was surrounded by a fortress, and it was on a hill. It was like the Alps, but less rainy.

(MATT) Moe, Larry, and Curley met me by the river and we all walked back to the car a took off. On the way to Munich that night we stopped in a little town to eat, again. (We are eating out alot in Chek because it is so inexpensive as this next meal demonstrates.) It was right on the outskirts of Plezen. We walked in and the guys had a sort of non-communication with the waitress while I checked out their facilities. When I returned, the guys thought they might have ordered the special but were not sure. The waitress returned to our table and tried to communicate with is again--with the same result.

We were trying to ask her if 500 kcs would be enough and if not would she take dollars. She, with help from two old guys finally figured out that we wanted Bier (pronounced Beer) with our meal and that we didn't speak German either. We all rejoiced at the commonly understood idea--Bier, and raised our hands in joy.

But back to the money problem; would 500 kcs be enough? We had no clue as to what we had ordered for food, but the Biers were big (half liter.) She showed us how much the dollars were worth compared to the kc (and it was way off) and we finally dropped it. Sam guessed that what ever the bill was, we'd have just enough. We ate schnitzel (finally) and a bunch of potatoes and other stuff. Jon and I even had seconds on the Biers. The whole meal was $12 total for everyone. Wow! What a deal! Then, after Sam, Jon, and I failed the touch your finger to your nose test, Chris drove us toward Munich and we camped in a rest park in the rain, right outside of Munich.

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