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DAY 33, JUNE 19

(CHRIS) was a fine day to live. As we awoke and filed into the kitchen area for a continental breakfast, the clouds parted and the sun raised its weary head after the long nap. The Canadian couple ate with is and the man said it would be a nice day because he could always tell by means of his arthritic hands. And he was right. We bid adieu to our cliff-dwelling hosts and hiked a few minutes to the ancient hermit caves and chapel. There was also a mini museum with bear teeth and hermit pictures.cow.jpg (14564 bytes)

Then we hiked back down the mountain, Jon and I taking the lead, but thereby missing the snake Sam and Matt saw. We went to Lake Sealapsee on the way down--very calm and peaceful. We circled the lake, skipping stones, watching the hang gliders, and washing our feet in the freezing water. Our hike back to Wasserauen was via a cow pasture and had a great view of last night's lodging-on-high and of the Alps in general. Jon called Maria Seiffert of Leichtenstein when we arrived in Wasserauen. We were to get to her house at 7:30. Since it was merely 2:30, we had some time (and hunger) to kill.

At Appenkill, I mean Appenzell, we wandered the cute city after a medium-sized snack of peanuts, strawberries. and oranges. Wow, prices are freakin' huge compared to Czech or even France. Matt wrote in the log by the town stream while I penned some post cards. Sam and Jon got us some Swiss chocolate and led me to the post office. Then, we headed for Leichtenstein. Jon had very wimpy directions, so we drove all the way through the country before asking for proper guidance. Finally, we found the Seiffert's house at 8 p.m. Maria was in a great mood, despite only 1/2 hour of sleep last night, because she had just passed her four hour oral exam so she could graduate from high school.

120.jpg (15928 bytes)The house is beautiful and with a great view. We were promptly served a delicious meal of pasta and meat, followed by peaches and cream--the best dessert of the trip, by far. We met Mrs. Seiffert and Maria's five younger siblings over dinner. A SUPER Catholic family. Then Maria spoke with the local Fedoryka girls and we went to see them. Maria and Katrina Fed are both working on graduate degrees in the local university of philosophy run by Mr. Seiffert. Both girls seemed well and gave us Germany and Switzerland traveling tips.

Mr. S is the current world's leading philosopher in the school of phenomenology. He studied under Hildebrand at Salzburg who was a student of the father of phenomenology--Husserl. After a quick visit at the Fed's apartment, we saw some of the local night sights in near-by Feildkirch, Austria--the Rhine, the castle (with the grave of the dog who saved all its inhabitants from fire in the 1400's, but gave his own life,) and the pretty city. We had some nice talks about philosophy, the dangers of the new European community, and traveling.

We bid adieu to K Fed and went home (after an almost calamitous border crossing--Maria forgot her passport.) We met Mr. S briefly. After an O.J. and a strange shower experience (no curtain--I guess you are supposed to sit down for the whole cleansing,) I slept. We had been granted Gabe's (16 year old brother) room which had a bunk and a roll-out double. Though surrounded by the youth's weapon collection, we slept very peacefully.

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