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(MATT) We slept long and well, waking around 8 a.m. We awoke at different times that day, Jon first, me second, then Sam, and last of all Chris. I sat in the dining room writing in the log, waiting for the guys. They joined me after a little while and, to our shame, we once again broke out our own food in their restaurant. We had bread and jam, then ordered coffee (Chris got a milkshake.) We thanked our hostess once again, then began our three hour walk down to the town of Lauterbrunnen. It was not clear at all that day. We had realized while we were still in the inn that the view would be anywhere from minimal to non-existent. Once outside, we realized that it was also quite chilly outside. Actually, it was downright cold and spitting snow. Sam, Jon, and, I kicked ourselves for not wearing or bringing long pants. We had chosen poorly. But we began our walk and shortly after were warmed by the exercise, mad cap capering and songs. We laughed at the snow and were happy it wasn't raining. Then it naturally started to turn to rain and then actually rain. Oh well, you can't win them all.

Considering the situation, it was an easy little hike, all downhill. stopped briefly in Wengan for some shopping and a rest, then continued our walk. We arrived at the car around 1 p.m. and began our drive toward the Romantic Road. After a short visit to downtown Interlaken, we drove in a very round-about way and eventually had to stop to eat. The meal was mostly uneventful except that the lettuce was dirty and Sam chugged the ice tea--so much ice tea that his body rejected the liquid and forced him to give it back. That's all I have to say about that. Then we drove on to where we thought the Austrian castles-Ehrenberg Ruins were, near Ruette. We could not find them and eventually gave up and camped where we were, halfway up a mountain on a truly back road. It was raining again.

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