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DAY 4, MAY 21

(CHRIS) I got up at 7 and was on the sidewalk by 7:15. The Tridentine Mass was at Nicholas de Chardonet near Notre Dame. 1 arrived at 7:55 for 8 a.m. Mass. Awesome church almost as big as Magdalene. It was very crowded. Communion took awhile. The nuns had a bake sale after Mass. I arrived back at 9:45. I learned Matt had barfed.

(SAM) Se verdi, the liver from15.jpg (18563 bytes) the evening before did not sit well with Matt. Matt, Jon, and myself went to Magdalene and Jon and Chris ventured to L'arc de Triumph and from there to Charles de Gaulle airport to pick up the Renault 19 diesal rental. Matt slept off the liver poisoning and I tidied up the pad of Jean d'Orleans. Chris and Jon arrived with the Renault at noon. We loaded up and drove to Versailles. Jon and Matt had a relaxing day touring the town while Chris and myself entered the palace.

We saw many painted rooms with vaulted ceilings including the bedroom of Marie Antoinette. We also saw the beautiful hall of mirrors and the historic hall of battles which portrayed the great battles of the French-speaking peoples from King Clovis to Napoleon. After we glimpsed the gardens, we met Jon and Matt in the courtyard. We had eaten large puffy bun things with chocolate chips. Matt and Jon had also purchased food which we saved for later.17.jpg (17397 bytes)

We then jumped in the car and headed for Chartres. After a brief drive southwest of Paris, we parked in the Medieval town of Chartres with the famous cathedral in view. We had a pleasant walk up to the magnificent structure which was located on the highest point of the town. One could see it from many kilometers away. After a moment to admire the gothic architecture, we entered the famed church. My first impression was that it was much darker than the sunny outdoors, but then immediately the eyes were directed upwards to the magnificent stained glass windows.18.jpg (19951 bytes)

Mass was in progress and we all paused to admire the beauty. (Pause) I am being dogpiled by three flamers who used to be my friends. (end pause) We wandered around for a long time. We also said our rosary there. We left very content and uplifted. To date, Chartres is the most beautiful structure we have seen on this trip. Then we ate supper with a view of the cathedral.

Afterwards, we began the great trek to Lisieux. We made it there in record time and saw lots of beautiful countryside. The landscape was capable of producing the greatest saint of modern times itself. We arrived to late to see anything because it was all closed so we located a campsite and played hackey sack around the world with a bottle of vino. Since they locked us in and we can't get out, we are here snuggled in our tent. Good night Terese. We will see you in the morning. Ben Noir

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