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(SAM) We are on SA air.  I told Paul (T-weed extrordinaire) that if he skammed another Beef Cataloni, I would write Paul is the man in the front of the T4 log for posterity.  He not only scammed a Beef Cataloni but dessert also.  Paul is the man, Only to be surpassed by Chris.  Chris is the reason we are on SA air and not waisting in J-burg.  Chris is the Man.  As for myself, I am enjoying my wine.

Day 1 – July 14, 1999

(CHRIS) The trip of a lifetime… AGAIN – NUMBER FOUR!
Tumbleweeds IV: Africa is underway.  We are lucky and blessed souls to be embarking on the 3rd sequel to the first trip of a lifetime. But ALAS, a new casualty inflicts the ranks ? Matt “Casanova” Cameron is not with us.  This devastating loss came in the T’weeds ongoing battle with their arch-enemy: “Marriage-seeking women.”  Yes, Matt is engaged and we wish him well, but we go on without him.  Also missing from the line-up: Greg “The Body” Bodoh, lost also to the arch-enemy; Joe Soos, lost to the god of education; and Dave Brown (rest his soul) lost to an Egyptian parasite caught when he was sprinkled by a molecule of Nile water in 1997.
  We travel with a record-low 3 ‘Weeds.  Sam, me (Chris), and the new edition, yet to be tested, Paul Clemens.  Welcome to the party, Paul!
After last night’s redezvous in Shippensburg, PA at my sister’s house, we 3 drove to Newark to catch a plane to Jo’burg, South Africa.  We will stop 3 times for a total travel time of 24 hours – YIKES!  As I write, we taxi down the runway for takeoff.

(SAM) But who is this man Paul who presumes to fill in for the absent Cameron?  Paul is a Catholic pro-life lawyer who has traveled to Europe and the Holy Land.  Although Matt will never be replaced nor forgotten, Paul is a good addition to the T-weeds.  We are eight in number now, (total): Chris, Matt, Jon, Sam, Dave, Joe, Bodoh, and Paul.  Jon, who we all know and love, lives with his lovely and gracious wife Sherry.  They have two beautiful children, Mary and Jon Carlson Jr.  Jon is the man and wins in the prodigy department.  Bodoh, who saved the T-weeds’ lives many times is the lucky man.  He is married to the beautiful and talented Michelle.  Dave has given up the Ivory Tower of Philosophy and now only believes in capitalism.  Joe is starting P.T. school and planning a run for the presidency in 2008.
(News Flash!  Chris/Paul took ice in their cokes here on Ethiopian Air.  He fell for one of the classic blunders.  Hello squirts.)
We think the flight from NJ to Addis was stocked with American supplies.
(Another News Flash!!  Chris just ordered another Coke with ICE.  Incredible!)
But we think the flight from Addis to Johannesburg is stocked with bacteria laiden, parasite infested Ethiopian food.
But in all fairness, the stuardesses are very pretty and the food is substantial and good!
    Fasten seat Belt while seated.

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