The Afro-Log


Day 31 – August 13

(CHRIS) We got a lift to the Eth Air office via cab.  They were at a big mall near a big Flea Market.  The girls in the office needed confirmation from NY before they could transfer us to tonight’s South African Air flight direct to NY.  This would get us to JFK only 1 hour later than we were due in Newark Sat. morning.
So since NY was still sleeping (contrary to Sinatra), we went to get curios at the flea market.  Sam bargained a good deal on rock bookends like my rhinos.  He got a ‘phant with tusks and large rhino.  I got a hippo tooth ring.  Paul got a religious ostrich egg – I followed suit.  Sam got nativity candlesticks of ebony.  I got a crazy African shirt for Matt.
We ate falafel and sno-be’s and returned to the office.  Still no solution, but free coffee to down malaria pills with.  The deadline grew closer and closer.  This office closed at 5pm.  Lolitha at EA was not very efficient or fast so I got on the phone with Tewolde in NY.  I finally talked him into authorizing it and we headed to the airport at 5:20pm.
The regular S.A. counter sent us to the special one.  There, Joos explained that he needed even more permission.  I got Tewolde to call him and settle that with no extra fees.  It was all much more dramatic than this and very hard to convince them all, but we are behind in the Log.  We were put on stand-by, then, on the plane, then in the air, where we slapped hih-5’s as we took off at 8pm.
Paul scammed an extra main course of Beef Cataloni as we chatted with Vince from Durban.  We saw Out of Towners, Shakespeare in Love, and Ideal Husband and tried to sleep away the last T-weed hours.

(DRAWING by Chris:  Stay-Puft, with several extra chins, angry and yelling, “Why can’t you understand me?  Give me the money!  Give me the passport!”)

(DRAWING by Chris: Webster, red-eyed and holding a beer, saying, “My sister – she fat.  Do you have any beer?”)

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