The Afro-Log

Day 32 – August 14 (the last day)

(CHRIS) Long overnight plane trips skewer the dividers of days.  It was 11pm in New York, tho, when I called home to leave the message of our changed landing.  There were no planes on the phone, so I called from our refueling point in the Cape Verde Islands – Sol (or Sal.)  We were back in the Northern Hemisphere!  Toilets would flush counter-clockwise again. (in truth, all African toilets were power flushes, not twirly flushes, so we never did see this phenomenon.)
I dealt with these waning Tumbleweed moments valiantly.  On other trips, I had tried whatever measures possible to extend “the trip of a lifetime.”  In France, I tried to convince the others to walk around Paris all night.  In the US, I told the others we should extend the trip to include Montana.  In Greece, I asked the guys to stay up and party in the town square.  Here, tho, I was just relieved that we had escaped Africa without losing another grand.  I contentedly slept a little, read a little, and watch TV a little.
Favorable winds brought us past Lady Liberty an hour early.  JFK and the Big Apple were sticky-humid and rainy, but were a welcome sight anyway.  Paul found out his connecting flight was from Newark also (where Sam and I’s rides were) so we split a $70 cross-town cab fare and saw NY from a taxi.  Pot holes were definitely there, but somehow seemed smaller than I remembered.
We gathered near the AMERICAN counter at the Newark Airport, Paul asking a bag-man to take our final group photo.  It was a bittersweet moment, frozen in time…
While the great prophecy of THE WINNEBAGO TOUR keeps us nourished in our thoughts, the odds indeed seem to say that this is the last TRUE TUMBLEWEED ADVENTURE….
But we have never paid much attention to the odds, have we?

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