The Afro-Log


Day 5 – July 18

(CHRIS) We had no problems getting from camp (Brighton Beach) to the SSPX chapel in Beria near downtown Durban.  The guys dropped me off and went to Holy Trinity.  My Mass had a sermon about the glories of England when it was Catholic.  Then, after Mass, I met Fr. Esposito, who was a native of Zimbabwe and spoke French and English fluently.
Sam and Paul came to get me, saying their Mass was said correctly and had a safe, gated parking lot so they never had to put the roof stuff inside.  We drove a couple of blocks to the Golden Mile, the long boardwalk along the Indian Ocean.  We admired the slow-breaking waves from one of the several piers.  Boogie boarders and surfers caught some nice 5 foot waves as we ate our muffins and nectar.  We took a stroll along the beautiful boardwalk.  Very clean – good looking people (1/3 black, 1/3 white, 1/3 Indian) – nice shops, nice brick walk.  It was similar to Venice Beach (there were a few performers) except 8 times nicer and cleaner.  Only thing NOT as good was that there was not a separate path for bladers and bikers.
There were tons of ocean related competitions going on.  Jet-ski races and wave jumping, ocean triathalon (swim, paddle board, kayak), free-for-all to benefit shark victims.  The sharks are fenced off from Durban, tho – SO – we rented BOOGIE BOARDS!  The waves were great!  I had a few of my longest rides ever – they kicked Cali’s butt.  Sam and Paul got the hang of it too and had some nice rides.  The best waves started out past the end of the piers, but it was VERY hard to swim out there except early on.  The only way the best boogiers did it was to jump off the end of the pier.  Paul and I considered this, but we wanted to understand the tides better because I sensed riptides near the concrete piers.  So we caught the smaller re-breaks closer to shore.
Sam got a little queesy so he passed on the WORS as we walked back to our car.  These are big, old sausages on a bun.  We looked at the native and Indian trinket shops and the beautiful Indian women as we mo-z’ed back thru town.  We found our jeep safe and secure, even tho we had left our roof gear on.  This was because Durban has parking attendants.  HOWEVER – they are the direct opposite of US attendants.  They help you find a spot, they keep an eye on your car for potential thieves, AND they charge nothing!  So we had left our jeep for almost 7 hours and paid nothing.  We tipped her 10 rand.
As we drove south, we decided to make camp before dark to catch up on sleep and repairs, nutrition, etc.  After less than 2 hours driving, we stopped near Port Shepstone at a nice campsite owned by Dave.  The Ablutions were the best yet.  After grocery shopping near-by, Paul whipped up a hamburger-noodle-spices concoction that we all liked.  There was a trampoline there that was a ground level and was rectangle.  Sam did a nice back-flip and Paul a sitting bounce-reversal.  Neither seemed to impress our next-door neighbors – two nice German girls.  They ignored us.
Paul later attempted to catch their eye by tripping on a speed bump.  We wiped out big time.  Later, he was able to break thru to them by actually talking to them.  Back at the tent site, I got the camcorder working again.  It had been acting up.  I think we accidently got sand in it at the beach.  It works most of the time now.  The cigarette lighter in the car had also broken and when we found the missing piece under the seat, Sam and I were able to get it working – thus insuring charged Cam batteries and a flourescent camp lite.  It was perfect weather – AGAIN – for sleeping outdoors.

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