The Afro-Log


Day 6 Ė July 19

(CHRIS)  We got up fairly early.  After washing up and enjoying POPS and coffee, we headed west.  We were pretty close to Oribi Gorge and we had some great views as we drove thru it.  By 9am, we had reached the entrance gate to the Gorge overlooks.  We paid the few bucks to get in and were basically the only tourists in the small park for the next few hours.  There were a series of dirt roads along the rim punctuated by short hiking paths.  The 1st stop turned out to be one of the best Ė it was definitely Samís favorite.
It was called The Pulpit, but it looked more like a diving board.  It was a rock ledge 5 feet long and 2 feet wide sticking out over the huge gorge.  We are guessing it was over 3000 feet to the bottom, but Sam nevertheless needed to feel in touch with his surroundings, so he climbed out on the pulpit.
As we moved on along the ledge, we had many great views.  There were soaring hawks below us.  We saw a rocky cliff that was shaped like a baboon head.  There was a cool waterfall, but water levels were low.  We came upon one overlook that had 2 levels.  The lower level was like a cave with built-in seats.  It was like having a press box in Godís Stadium.  What a view.  We took a short hike down a rocky side-gorge.  I had a chirping conversation with a bird.  More great views from this sheltered canyon.
Then we were on the road again, heading south and west.  Our goal was to get to Jeffries Bay that night.  Due to some slow conditions and a wrong turn (there was no sign!), we didnít get quite there.  We ended up at Pine Lodge camping on the coast near Port Elizabeth.  It was a fun drive because we got to view the life in some of the African cities as we passed.  The countryside was nice with rolling hills of brown getting increasingly greener.  We had a picnic on a hilltop next to the road that afternoon.
When it got dark, we debated about unsportsmanlike conduct and talked about legal ethics.  Gas stations were few and far-between and Sam was sure we were about to run out, so he stopped and we used the spare 20 liters.  A trucker who never answered your questions stopped to make sure we were OK and then led us to the nearest gas station.  ANYWAY, the Pine Lodge night watchman gave us a key to the deserted campground and its facilities and we popped up the olí tent and went off into the land of malaria pill dreamsÖ

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